Back to School

It’s school holiday break. Since when I cared about this school stuff. Anyway, I’ve been invited by a friend of mine to join a newly created group on Facebook search: SK A.U K, wow I’m the first two member. There’s also up coming event for reunion. But I don’t know if I’m available at that time. Hurm…
Looking back on my school days I managed to escape the BCG Injection (standard 6) and yeah never being immunized with BCG vaccine, that’s me. And ouh… how I miss Music subject and the marching band. They’re great. I don’t have much idea to talk about my secondary school, I don’t really enjoy it but I do appreciate those days for who am I now.
Anyway, I like to share some memories here although we’re not in the same school. hehe.
They might not great but it’s ok to listen to them once in awhile rite:
Camp Rock

If only I was the girl and the guy will be my crush back in the school days. 😛

High School Musical 1

Too bad there’s no Basketball team in my school. If not sure I’ll be the Cheerleaders. haha.

All rite all rite, those are American Schools okay. So, you think escapism activity & not being immunized with BCG vaccine is cool and you want your siblings, nephews, nieces etc. to experience that pls visit my school’s web page:

Attention to All… Especially the Ladies

Hello guys & girls… Pls take note on this, I received a PM from Kum (i don’t remember his full name) this morning.

He wrote:
My collegue received a message from a girl in Penang. She told me this DOUCHEBAG was claiming to be a photographer from Hypertune, and wanted to do a photo shoot with her. Luckily she had the smarts to talk to me first. Here’s what she told me:

“hey there i’m samantha here. i came across your profile and need to ask a few question was wondering if you could help me.
there’s thiis guy name rayyan irwan messaged me and saying that he’s getting me shoots for this hypertune magazine. i was wondering does this guy really exist or he’s a scammer for this whole thing?
because hetold it’s a good pay and i heading down kl for this whole thing. if he’s a scammer i won’t fall into his trap because he says he wants to do portfoilio in the hotel room.”

I told her not to trust him, and to give me whatever info she might have. here’s her reply:

“this is the guy. oh my god. thanks for the information given.
i really nearly fall for the trap because he told me work and can get new paid shoots and jobs for me . and as in return i need to sleep with him and all. gosh!!!! i won’t go unless i get the confirmation won’t sleep or whatever as well. he told me needs to do portfoilio at hotel room and all. calling my cell phone like madness. i email inner secret they inform me there’s no such thing. stephanie poh told me your name, and she told me you’re the hypertune staffs or something. so i send you a message regarding it.he has amazing stories telling me i’ll be posing for mazaradi car and pays wells. contract and all. i was suprise that he told me he can hold the shoot for me. i was like huh? since when shoot for you, u dont come u dont get.i know that money dont come that easy.
thanks for getting back. cheers”
this guy does not working with Hypertune. Do not trust him.

Someday, someway…

As per Facebook status, Michael is in my room… And I will learn the subject Rock with him. LOL merepek je.

It starts with Kinz, Azham and me in a car & MLTR CD. Now the song keeps on playing in my room.

Hurm… I love this song and other MLTR’s songs. 😀 How can this song relate to myself?
btw, there’s no love story.

OK now this is some shout out about my problems… Not that important to read below writings… It’s only me and what’s on my mind now.
The lyrics somehow describes my mood now (not exactly la but really I do need some break)
I hurt a lot lately by the people that I called Friend. 3Ws 1Hs?
– people who do not respect others
– rude
– too stupid to learn
– enjoy that stupid/ unacceptable jokes
– buggers
Well done to them la, they managed to make me feel Hate them. Yes there are 2 buggers of them. There’s no such things as second chance or bercakap bersemuka or what. I have enough patience handling them and tired of it. They just never learnt the lesson. Kalau bersuara kena, OK I silence je (ignorance is a bliss rite?) and guess what kena also. What am I suppose to do if I voice out and silence both also kena. What a poor victim I am rite? 

There’s no surprise if i’m not hanging out with some of friends. Besides, since that accident I feel like staying home is “safer”

That 70′s, 80′s & 90′s Show

Hello hello… Testing testing… My first post

There’s nothing much here I can say… Just some crazy ideas and my interest to share with you guys here. I youtube a lot since yesterday and my old friend (i mean he’s an old man) Kinz, suggested me an old song and suddenly I can’t stop youtubing for more. It takes 3 hours for watching all videos.

Isn’t it cool if I had the chance to live in the 70’s? OMG…

The Disco Ball

The Outfit

And of course the music… Some of the song that I’ve listened to yesterday are: Nat King Cole, The Carpenters, The Bangles, ABBA, Air Supply, Atlantic Starr, Alphabet etc.

So, do you guys have any other suggestions, ideas and knowledge about this oldies thing. Pls share with me.

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