What’s Up Fai?

It’s been long time I didn’t update my blog. I was in my parents’ hometown and I’ve got no chance to spend my time for my SatisFy. Right after a month I came back KL I register myself as Student. Again, I can’t get myself to sit in front of my lappy with internet connection. I am staying in a place called “Boring Land”.
As for today, I’ve finished my class early and yes I get bored again I decided to update my blog.
So, what’s up Fai?
– Lenka as my new fav musician. (well yeah… besides James Blunt and James Blunt)
– and I must say G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra is the best movie in year 2009 and Sienna Miller looks great.

– Liverpool gets support from me. I will support The Reds as how much I loved the color.

– I’ve missed a lot F1 news report. 7 times world champion, M.Schumacher will make his appearance as he replacing Massa, Brawn is quite “in danger”. But still me supporting Brawn GP and proud with McLaren team that improving the result.

– I’ve bought a whitening product for my skin. (as my skin getting darker and uglier) The result… I can’t tell now. It says within 28 days for the whitening effect. haha.
– I’ve cursed lotsa people here. I’ve been thru too many bad services and I cannot tahan already. I should or shouldn’t curse them in here? I guess not…

It’s a very brief post update but that’s all from me here. I’ll update my blog every day as soon as I could get a good internet connection. (how I wish…)


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