Fast, Fai

It is almost the end of fasting month period. I just don’t have a chance to wish fasting month in here since I was in Ice Age.
There are few points on my mind about fasting month:
1. Mind The Language:
No bad words like f*ck etc. I know it is quite hard to get rid of that word because it is a fact that once you get hooked on that F*** word, it is difficult to stop using it. It becomes habit. But we can try to stop using it. How? = when you bump your toe, try changing it to “Ouch”, that’s hurt. Instead of blurting out a bad word.
2. Breath
If you find your breath smells worse than petai you gotta do something! It is not adviseable to brush your teeth frequently on fasting period but if your breath can caused me big headache then pls do something.
3. Drink
Drink a lot of plain water. After buka puasa we tend to drink a lot of soy drink, sirap or whatever and we always forgot to have the plain water then.
4. Be Helpfull
to other people, animals and all. Your enemy? You can simply ignore them. haha.

That is all I have in mind, if any one of you would like to share some knowledge pls do hit some comment.

p/s: I’m doing great in fasting, FULL.

still @ the library, unable to access facebook and about to go HOME.


disconnected causes invisible

hoy what is wrong with this PC???
yesterday I’ve updated my blog but I only see nothing updated. Virus scan for my pendrive also caused me losing a lot of important document. Facebook cannot be access.
I hate to be a person who likes to blame others but this one really pisses me off. Can someone pls understand me? It’s very bad internet connection here. Some ppl even misinterpret my “invisible” status on my facebook, I only can laugh about it but I really hope that they understand I’m living in a place with very bad connectivity (internet+phone line)

10 a.m.
room 1/ 01
the library

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