Alter Ego

Does everyone have alter ego?
Exception for superheroes, they’re been living in two different world. i.e Superman is Clark Kent and Batman is Bruce Wayne and Hannah Montana is Fairuz Sharengat.

I wonder does it really exist. Power, recognization, money and responsibility force a change to one’s life. Does alter ego comes with those criteria? Because when we live in the ego we are inevitably subject to feelings of inferiority, pride and worthlessness, success and failures.
I would say everyone has it. My experience as working lady and student are totally different. I myself not a conceited person but frankly, there’s dissimilarity when I m hanging out with colleagues and ex-classmate. The way we converse, appearance, the place we hang out at, the likes and interests will never be the same. Being with older person makes me the most mature to schoolmates, and that’s when either one of us will feel the personality changes.

Old friend: I ve watch this movie called Fairuz the Great (for instance) I would recommend it to you.
Me: You gotta be kidding. I don’t watch this type of movie.
Old friend: Ouh come on… We used to watched it on our school days what…
Me: Nice try, but I don’t poison-ed at all.
Both: hahaha… (duh… we’re not in the same track)

Anyways it’s okay to have ego. Just make sure you don’t overly boost up that ego until it’s uncontrollable.
Factors which believed can reduce ego are:
1. Don’t speak badly of others; pls be very vigilant
2. Don’t rely on your physical appearances to impress; you’re not the hottest in this town
3. Careful of flattery; when you had too much praise, you might not accept critism in future.
4. Don’t try to impress about yourself; you have no idea of other person’s achievement. You’ll be embarrassed of being vain too.
5. Be aware of extending ego; Simply control it!

Egoless Fai,
3 p.m. @ secret place


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. acad
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 17:38:24

    i like u~that’s simple


  2. Fai
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 17:45:16

    thanks acad…
    i know u more suprise by the picture. That was me in year past.


  3. Fai
    Jul 01, 2010 @ 19:55:12

    Well… Seems like I partially misintrepret, I mean wrongly describe and it has become unclear on alter ego definition.
    alter ego is a person whom living in 2 different characters, worlds.
    as simple as Mr Jakell and Mr Hyde.
    I had slightly 2 different side of my personalities according to the click I belong to. Schoolmates will always be the babies or kiddos and Ex collaegues, collegemates will slightly a matured.
    well sometime I can’t hold it. Simply be me by being both.


  4. syazwanhassan
    Jul 03, 2010 @ 17:39:16

    nice and simple reminder about ego by u….easy to been pop- ups by me….
    keep update n sure i will read more from u… 🙂


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