That 70′s, 80′s & 90′s Show

Hello hello… Testing testing… My first post

There’s nothing much here I can say… Just some crazy ideas and my interest to share with you guys here. I youtube a lot since yesterday and my old friend (i mean he’s an old man) Kinz, suggested me an old song and suddenly I can’t stop youtubing for more. It takes 3 hours for watching all videos.

Isn’t it cool if I had the chance to live in the 70’s? OMG…

The Disco Ball

The Outfit

And of course the music… Some of the song that I’ve listened to yesterday are: Nat King Cole, The Carpenters, The Bangles, ABBA, Air Supply, Atlantic Starr, Alphabet etc.

So, do you guys have any other suggestions, ideas and knowledge about this oldies thing. Pls share with me.


Hello world!

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