Some Kind of Blunty

Here it comes, another album from my favorite singer, James Blunt coming out this November. Tho it took me years of waiting it was dang good to have Blunty’s sounds blast on my ear. The first single is Stay the Night. Read it on YouTube, some people remarks it as it’s likely Train’s Soul Sister song but I do believe Blunt has his line of attack on expressing his masterpiece than copycatting Train.

Here is one, taken from Some Kind of Trouble


My comment on his new single is that he has yet another very good song, he catered a relaxing mood. Happy and santai and freedom. OK just the way I like it. To compare his previous songs that he wrote life as an army and star, this Blunty also had his new hair cut off, slightly shorter. And he looks cleaner with facial hair off. (Yes less messy but jambuer than before, I favor his old look).

The New Blunty
Erm its okay it’s not on the subject of the look tho, perhaps the newly look is fitting the remaja suka ria idea.

Nevertheless I shall congrats Blunty on his new baby. As a no 1 fan of James Blunt I m so looking forward to buy it. This is something that “I know I m gonna like it” hence I better have one in my library.

Talking about creativity, I was thinking of producing something as he does. The heck that I am never a good writer, only time will tell when would I be the next female version of James Blunt. LOL I m seriously joking. I only can guarantee people always see me fantastic in writing Mangrish than English or Bahasa. Reading books never enough as I practice more lah in my daily speaking. I m still learning so pls do not blame the rojak that I ate, I am just a truly Malaysian and no 1 fan of JB in Malaysia. 🙂

Bluntly Fai,

10222010 almost 12 a.m.


What’s Up Fai?

It’s been long time I didn’t update my blog. I was in my parents’ hometown and I’ve got no chance to spend my time for my SatisFy. Right after a month I came back KL I register myself as Student. Again, I can’t get myself to sit in front of my lappy with internet connection. I am staying in a place called “Boring Land”.
As for today, I’ve finished my class early and yes I get bored again I decided to update my blog.
So, what’s up Fai?
– Lenka as my new fav musician. (well yeah… besides James Blunt and James Blunt)
– and I must say G.I Joe: The Rise of Cobra is the best movie in year 2009 and Sienna Miller looks great.

– Liverpool gets support from me. I will support The Reds as how much I loved the color.

– I’ve missed a lot F1 news report. 7 times world champion, M.Schumacher will make his appearance as he replacing Massa, Brawn is quite “in danger”. But still me supporting Brawn GP and proud with McLaren team that improving the result.

– I’ve bought a whitening product for my skin. (as my skin getting darker and uglier) The result… I can’t tell now. It says within 28 days for the whitening effect. haha.
– I’ve cursed lotsa people here. I’ve been thru too many bad services and I cannot tahan already. I should or shouldn’t curse them in here? I guess not…

It’s a very brief post update but that’s all from me here. I’ll update my blog every day as soon as I could get a good internet connection. (how I wish…)

Back to School

It’s school holiday break. Since when I cared about this school stuff. Anyway, I’ve been invited by a friend of mine to join a newly created group on Facebook search: SK A.U K, wow I’m the first two member. There’s also up coming event for reunion. But I don’t know if I’m available at that time. Hurm…
Looking back on my school days I managed to escape the BCG Injection (standard 6) and yeah never being immunized with BCG vaccine, that’s me. And ouh… how I miss Music subject and the marching band. They’re great. I don’t have much idea to talk about my secondary school, I don’t really enjoy it but I do appreciate those days for who am I now.
Anyway, I like to share some memories here although we’re not in the same school. hehe.
They might not great but it’s ok to listen to them once in awhile rite:
Camp Rock

If only I was the girl and the guy will be my crush back in the school days. 😛

High School Musical 1

Too bad there’s no Basketball team in my school. If not sure I’ll be the Cheerleaders. haha.

All rite all rite, those are American Schools okay. So, you think escapism activity & not being immunized with BCG vaccine is cool and you want your siblings, nephews, nieces etc. to experience that pls visit my school’s web page:

Someday, someway…

As per Facebook status, Michael is in my room… And I will learn the subject Rock with him. LOL merepek je.

It starts with Kinz, Azham and me in a car & MLTR CD. Now the song keeps on playing in my room.

Hurm… I love this song and other MLTR’s songs. 😀 How can this song relate to myself?
btw, there’s no love story.

OK now this is some shout out about my problems… Not that important to read below writings… It’s only me and what’s on my mind now.
The lyrics somehow describes my mood now (not exactly la but really I do need some break)
I hurt a lot lately by the people that I called Friend. 3Ws 1Hs?
– people who do not respect others
– rude
– too stupid to learn
– enjoy that stupid/ unacceptable jokes
– buggers
Well done to them la, they managed to make me feel Hate them. Yes there are 2 buggers of them. There’s no such things as second chance or bercakap bersemuka or what. I have enough patience handling them and tired of it. They just never learnt the lesson. Kalau bersuara kena, OK I silence je (ignorance is a bliss rite?) and guess what kena also. What am I suppose to do if I voice out and silence both also kena. What a poor victim I am rite? 

There’s no surprise if i’m not hanging out with some of friends. Besides, since that accident I feel like staying home is “safer”

That 70′s, 80′s & 90′s Show

Hello hello… Testing testing… My first post

There’s nothing much here I can say… Just some crazy ideas and my interest to share with you guys here. I youtube a lot since yesterday and my old friend (i mean he’s an old man) Kinz, suggested me an old song and suddenly I can’t stop youtubing for more. It takes 3 hours for watching all videos.

Isn’t it cool if I had the chance to live in the 70’s? OMG…

The Disco Ball

The Outfit

And of course the music… Some of the song that I’ve listened to yesterday are: Nat King Cole, The Carpenters, The Bangles, ABBA, Air Supply, Atlantic Starr, Alphabet etc.

So, do you guys have any other suggestions, ideas and knowledge about this oldies thing. Pls share with me.

Hello world!

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